Fire Glass

At Fireplace Furnishings, we sell fireplace glass and fire pit glass by American Fireglass.


Replace your drab fireplace decor with beautiful radiant American Fireglass!  Fireglass is growing in popularity as ceramic logs and lava rocks are becoming a thing of the past.  Adding American Fireglass to your indoor and outdoor decor will give your entertaining areas new life and a modern look.  Flames dance and flicker on luminous jewel-like glass, turning your fire pit or fireplace into a unique piece of art.  With the multitude of colors you can create your own custom look.


Do not be fooled by cheaper imitations, as not all glass is created equal. We only sell new and unused tempered glass made in an exceptional five-step process. The glass is formulated for long-term heat consumption.  Thanks to our exclusive process used in creating the glass, it burns clean and efficient.  It will not melt, degrade or emit toxic fumes.  All of our fireglass is quality inspected by highly trained professionals to ensure impeccable performance, elegant appearance and 100% customer satisfaction.


To order our fire glass now please visit our online store.
Please visit our online store to view all of the beautiful colors that we offer.
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